With the JAGBMX focus being on kids and helping them become all that they can be, there are always a child that can be reached. To continue to reach the children that can benefit from the JAGBMX focus, we offer individuals, companies and organizations the opportunities to impact the life of a child and sponsor them in the JAGMX program. In our sponsor packet, you will find the various ways YOU, can be a part of JAG BMX!  We’re here to help and answer any and all questions you may have. 

We offer the following to our JAGBMX Sponsors:

Investors and Supporters

  • To show them how to invest or give to the JAGBMX to help expand its goals
  • Where their investment will go and maybe spotlight a kid
  • Offer them ways to sponsor kids into the JAGBMX organization
  • Offer ways to donate online into the organization

Sponsors and Partnerships

  • Show them how to join in the efforts of the JAGBMX organization to reach kids and families
  • Show them how to expand the reach of their brand by partnering with the JAGBMX organization
  • Offer them tax incentives for their partnering in the outreach of the JAGBMX organization

Government officials to learn more information about the organization and how:

  • JAGBMX organization and how it is helping kids and families
  • The types of programs that are offered
  • The impact that these programs are having on kids and their families