Our Mission

JAG BMX has always had one mission since we began in 1978. Our Mission is to provide a wholesome atmosphere of respect and friendliness amongst fierce competition demanded by great fitness. We have and always will, encourage all youngsters to utilize the ability to focus while racing and transfer it to their academic life. We have taken our mission to the next level and have added an “AFTER SCHOOL HOMEWORK ASSISTANCE PROGRAM” for all school aged youngsters in BMX. This innovative approach, in addition to basic homework assistance, includes preparation for up-coming exams and preparation for college life. We also encourage families to enjoy their youngsters and join with them at the BMX Track, as a key facet of our mission is to parental involvement with their children in BMX competition. We operate on a time-tested faith that the family that plays together, studies together & trains Together – Stays Together. Excellence on and off the BMX Track – that, is our mission at JAG BMX!

JAG BMX is a multi-faceted entity which utilizes a three-tier approach which includes Athletics, Academics and Nutrition. By combining training in an Olympic sport (Bicycle Motocross), a soon-to-be-syndicated, state of the art “Homework Assistance Program” and an enhanced focus on nutrition, JAG BMX is a compelling solution to many of the problems children face today: Childhood Obesity, Physical Activity (or lack thereof), a failing education system nationally, and an After School program that will allow families to ensure their children are in a positive environment in a challenging economy where both parents are typically required to hold full-time jobs.

We at JAG BMX feel that by engaging our children in a fun, competitive Olympic sport, while rewarding academic success & healthier eating habits – all done in a positive, caring & affordable environment, can make a vital difference in the growth & success of our students, who are all too often, faced with societal challenges and economic struggles.