JAG After School Program

“In Florida, 25% (742,554) of K-12 youth are responsible for taking care of themselves after school…”

“Of all Florida children not currently enrolled in after-school [programs], 36% (841,951) would be likely to participate IF an after-school program were available in their community.”

~ After-school Florida fact sheet

At JAG BMX, exercising the body is just one aspect of our After-School Program, exercising the mind is just as important. Youth in the JAG BMX AFTER-SCHOOL ENRICHMENT PROGRAM focus on improving their academic success. Education is the key to career success, personal gains and self improvement for everyone. Our programs combine learning with fun educational strategies that reinforce state curriculum and assessments for each grade level, moral character building and communal self-worth. Sessions are taught by state licensed 2012 teachers and retired successful educators.

Sessions are assisted by college educated tutors. Students have the opportunity to participate in the JAG ASEP program from 1 to 5 days per week with Weekly Accountability Reports available to all parents. Snacks are included and parents are encouraged to attend.

The JAG BMX AFTER-SCHOOL ENRICHMENT PROGRAM is open to BMX facilities across North America and U.S. Military Bases throughout the world. To participate, BMX facilities must be open to the public and have gained permission from JAG BMX Corporate Offices. All approved facilities receive assistance in setting up the program with their local Department Of Education and in staffing and general education operations.

  • Homework Assistance/After School Program where kids can ride after doing Homework
  • Healthy Snack with nutritional meal preparation instruction provided
  • Free or reduced cost for Title 1 and Foster Children
  • Students rewarded for Academic  & Athletic Achievement
  • Students provided with assistance doing homework & Test Preparation
  • Reduction in “latch-key” home situations
  • Helps fight childhood obesity by providing athletic opportunities
  • Affordable for most families at $15 per day or less
  • Nationally Syndicated, award-winning program  including travel worldwide for top students with increased GPA