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After several years of other focuses in Film and Television, Renny Roker creator and founder of JAGBMX has decided to restart the JAGBMX organization back to its formal glory. Years ago, the JAGBMX racing team won several national all championships in BMX and greatly impacted the lives of countless young men worldwide.

The new JAGBMX will not only have the same impact but a brand new facility for the JAGBMX organization.

3 comments on “The New JAGBMX

  1. Tony Cruz on said:

    This is great opportunity to help our kids and service men and women.

    Where is track located? Can’t wait to bring my kids out to ride.

  2. Len Dower on said:

    Hi! Renny
    Hope you rent our vbuilding on Hoagland Blvd. Good Luck in your future ventures!

  3. Ed Coleman on said:

    Good job on the web site, now we get started and the World will Welcome us!

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